Mauve is no longer maintained

The software remains freely available, but is no longer under active development by the original authors. There is no guarantee of support or that any emails to the authors will be answered (not that there ever was such a guarantee!). Bugs can be reported to the github issue tracker but will not be fixed by the software’s original authors.

Downloading Mauve

Mauve is free of charge, open-source software licensed under the GNU GPL.

The most recent release of Mauve was version 2.4.0, released on December 21st 2014. The 2.x release series incorporates an accurate new alignment algorithm called progressiveMauve. For a more comprehensive list of changes and new features, see the Mauve version history. Unfortunately the 2.4.0 release has a buggy interaction with the boost C++ libraries that causes frequent crashes, therefore it is suggested that the development snapshots linked below be used until the next release. Mauve 2.4.0 can still be found in the release archive linked below.

Mauve development snapshots

Windows   Mauve 2015-02-26   other programs
Linux   Mauve 2015-02-13   other programs
Mac OS X 10.7+   Mauve 2015-02-25   other programs

The latest development snapshots may contain recent bugfixes. The complete archive of snapshots is available here.

Unsupported platforms

Previous releases of Mauve for older versions of Apple hardware that are no longer supported:

Mac OS X 10.4-10.6   Mauve 2.3.1
Mac OS X 10.3.9   Mauve 2.3.1

Mauve release archive

An archive of earlier Mauve releases for all platforms is available


We provide a Mauve User’s Guide containing detailed information on how to operate the Mauve software.


The software is no longer maintained and the original authors of the software can offer no support.

Should you need assistance you might seek advice from the broader informatics community at biostars or seqanswers.

Open-source development

An archive of the Mauve source code is hosted at github

The Mauve developer guide contains (likely obsolete) instructions on downloading and compiling the Mauve source code.