• Welcome Mathieu Fourment

    Welcome Mathieu Fourment! Mathieu Fourment has joined our group as a postdoc, and brings expertise on phylogenetic methods applied to infectious disease. Mathieu comes to us from Sydney Uni where he worked closely with Eddie Holmes. He has published on methods to infer rate variation in phylogenies, and developed the Physher software to implement those (and other) models. He has published extensively on other topics, and has developed other software.

  • Not so fast, FastTree

    important: see update at bottom of page Recently, much of the microbiology world has been sucked into a vortex called genomic epidemiology. This is not entirely a bad thing. Genomic data can be orders of magnitude more informative than MLST data when it comes to inferring the ancestry of an isolated microbe. Genomic data gives information on gene content. And with bacterial whole genome sequencing costs approaching parity with the cost of MLST, why sequence a few genes when you could have whole genomes? Indeed these are exciting times for microbiology. But wait, there’s a fly in the ointment.